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quX won #2 in the Cyberpunk Jam 2.0! Thank you for your support!


Following a cataclysmic war, the country of Dimapi was struggling to get back on its feet. The great amount of casualties and lack of morale made it almost impossible to rebuild infrastructure and pay reparations.

Monica Tarongoy, the surviving descendant of the powerful Tarongoy Dynasty, took it upon herself to solve the dwindling population issue and, with her chief scientist, used a new technology to mass produce genetically modified children, or "GenMods". Each child was designed to specific skills, different emotional capacities, and predestined to have a certain job in the workforce.

Quickly the population rose and economy flourished, and the once destroyed country became a sprawling urban paradise. Monica's system, although successful, was met with ethical criticism and thus Dimapi isolated itself from the rest of the world. In Dimapi's isolation, Monica worked hard to raise the quality of life for her people and now the lifespan of Dimapine citizens is the longest in the world.

Internally however, many GenMods became dissatisfied with their destinies and began revolting against the Queen.

Nathless is one of them.

quick facts

  • This short game was created in 19 days in RPG Maker VX Ace, for the Cyberpunk Jam 2.
  • This is my first jam game!
  • Visuals, music, and character sounds were all done by me.
  • This game's story is part of a bigger story which I will be telling in one of my later games, called "Crux".
  • The game's premise was created back in late 2010 and is inspired by Cyberpunk media, stemming from Aeon Flux, Brave New World, and The Matrix, with character design inspiration from the song Miracle is Dead by Sweet Revenge.

what is the cyberpunk game jam 2?

The Cyberpunk Game Jam 2 is a game jam where game developers create a game with cyberpunk themes within a small amount of time. The goal of the jam is to create a game that will positively influence the future using these themes.

quX is my entry to this game jam!

Interested in seeing more of my work? Here is my game development blog and here is my portfolio.


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Thank you for playing! Happy that you enjoyed it!