A downloadable game for Windows

A girl delivers a letter to her best friend across town before she leaves.

Created in RPG Maker 2003 in 3 days.

Inspired by Silent Hill 2, Soundless Mountain 2, and Taut.

Originally my submission to the Pixel Horror Jam 2016, but I completely forgot to upload it after a year.

I apologize if there are any bugs, but I do not plan on updating it anytime soon, especially since at the time of this posting it has been nearly a year since it was made.


Memento Mori.zip 16 MB


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Oooh boy, was I late to the party on this one.

Really great game, it was quite short, but sweet nonetheless.


Thank you so much for playing!

loved the game,but at the end....?kinda confusing

Thank you for playing Memento Mori!

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Rindre, could you start tagging what operating systems your games are compatible with when you upload them? The itch app isn't smart enough to discern such info on its own yet, and people who browse using it exclusively can't download things through it if their current OS wasn't selected by the game's uploader as a compatible platform.

That aside, looking forward to playing another one of your games and maybe participating in the Pixel Horror Jam 2017 you're hosting!

Edit: Played it. It was short, unless there's more content I missed. Definitely leaned more towards Silent Hill 2 inspiration than the translated Taut demo, huh?

Hi ElTipejoLoco!

Thank you very much for the comments! I really appreciate it! Hope to see you on the Pixel Horror Jam 2 as well!